AR Navigation

Holographic window navigation system development

Holographic AR WiMi is developing a car navigation system, built into the car in the holographic AR is the biggest characteristic of navigation system, can be based on the real road project an image of a stereo, and adjusted according to the specific perspective of the driver, provide precise vehicle navigation. The driver can see the bright and precise holograms, navigation information will be real-time adjusted according to the car speed, it can also through the windshield to remind the driver pay attention to the road of emergency.

The traditional HUD (Head Up Display) head-up Display is fixed on the dashboard of the LCD screen indirect projection image to the windshield, and WiMi plans to develop the holographic AR technology is through the windshield shows stereoscopic depth. WiMi eve AR display technology not only provide AR navigation functions, such as show the current speed information, such as lane, destination, has integrated ADAS Advanced Driving Assistant System (Advanced Driving Assistant System) features, such as lane departure warning and accident warning ahead. AR holographic navigation and interactive image will furthest from 1 meter to 20 meters in front of the driver can be shown, and can be adjusted according to the specific perspective of the driver, it is just the software testing phase, WiMi need to take for examination and approval of the relevant industry, for sales.

Holographic AR display technology

The future the company will continue to expand the holographic AR display technology in the field of car, increase shows people, objects, driver, bicycle lanes and sidewalks, function, and will also cooperate with auto enterprise research and development of more advanced ADAS functions, such as the back warning system and highway auxiliary driving system. Expect if integrated network connection technology and made more function, will also be able to provide real-time vehicle information around the traffic signal, and the data such as road or weather conditions.